Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria

10 Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria ( Lagos, Abuja, and Port-Harcourt)

Best boarding schools in Nigeria-There are several boarding schools in Nigeria but being able to find the best out of them is something that you cannot do all by yourself. You will need some factors which we used to measure and rank these schools. You need to choose the best educational facility for your child and that is where this article comes to play.


There are a whole lot of factors to be considered when you want to choose a boarding school, especially in Nigeria. Some of the factors to check range from environment, quality of education, quality of teachers, tuition fees, and the workplace code of conduct and ethics of the school.

Another point here is that you can’t carry out a quick research on these schools and grade them on these factors. We have done the job for you. We took out our time to do a comprehensive study of the whole necessary factors which we used in ranking the best boarding schools in Nigeria.

These schools are located in the best cities and we did not focus on the tuition fees to determine if the school is worth it. There are some schools with high tuition fees in Nigeria that did not make our list because fees are not a determining factor here. We majorly focused on the aggregate performance of the students so far in various events.

Presently the Nigerian economy has forced most parents to have doubts as to whether they can still find a good standard of education for their children because they have few options to choose from out of all the schools available.

So let us take a look at the comprehensive list of the boarding schools in Nigeria that has made our list this will assist you greatly in making an informed decision about the schools where you can enroll your children and you will be sure that they will have the best quality education and will stand out to compete among others kids around the word.

How we ranked the Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria

They are factors we considered before we came up with our list of boarding schools. Some of the factors are as follows;

  1. Available Educational facilities
  2. Examination performance of students
  3. Quality of teachers
  4. Environmental Infrastructures
  5. Quality of Education

All these factors are the basic metrics that should always be on your mind when you are on the verge of making a choice of boarding school for your child.

The available educational facilities are very important because it helps you to ascertain the standard and level of facilities that your child will be exposed to. You should probably look at their ICT department to see if they are equipped with digital technologies to help the child learn faster. This helps that child’s technological development, especially now that technology is improving in education.

Furthermore, the performance of the students in examinations especially JAMB, WAEC, and other competitions will also give you an insight into how impactful the teachers have been on a child who has the desire and willingness to learn. Although, several factors contribute to the performance of a child In an examination the first we consider is the impact of the school vis-à-vis the level of education that has been given to the child.

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The qualified teachers available in boarding schools should be on a standard level. This is because the teachers are standing in a dual position to wit: one as a teacher and also as a guardian to the students since they leave their parents and are under the care of the school authority.

The environmental facilities matter a lot since it is a boarding school. The classroom to the boarding houses and their conveniences are placed you should inspect before you enroll your child in any school. A standard school should have a good CCTV system that monitors activities in the school for proper security and adequate reporting since the children are in their care and under their responsibility.

The last but certainly not the least metric of measurement that we used is the quality of education that your child can get in that boarding school. It will be a waste of time and meaningful resources to enroll your child in a school where the standard of education is nothing to be proud of. It is no gainsaying that the child is undergoing the foundational educational level and it would go a long way to determining their performance against their peers in society and at large.

So when you are looking at these factors, you should do so without sentiments but have the future of your child as a point of consideration before you choose the best boarding school that the child can fit into and get the best kind of education.

Education is still and remains one of the best kinds of investments you can give to your child for the future and then you will know that you are investing in the child’s future.

10 Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria ( Lagos, Abuja, and Port-Harcourt)

Regent School

Address: Plot 858, Mabushi District,

Abuja Behind Ministry Of Works


The regent school is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria that is located in Abuja. Regent schools have primary and separate secondary schools in different locations in Abuja. The Regent primary school was first established in 2000 to provide a British standard education for Nigerian children and for British citizens who are working here in Nigeria as expatriates.

The Regent primary school has since then developed to be one of the best private day and boarding schools located in the heart of the big city of Abuja. It offers admission for both boys and girls from the age of 2-11 years. The secondary school was established in 2007 because of the high demand from satisfied parents to set up a secondary school. The secondary school offers admission from the age of 7-11 years.

The Regent secondary school does not offer any Nigerian curriculum nor do they write any Nigerian examination like the usual JAMB or WAEC. They, however, offer courses in the curriculum of England and Wales in 7 and 8 years and CIE checkpoint in your year 9, and CIE IGSCE IN 10-11.

Admission Requirements

If you are seeking admission into the school then you should purchase the application form from the official school website. The application form will only be given to you if your child meets the age requirement

The required age for the entrance examination is 7-14 years. Then you should fill out the form and write the correct names of the child as you want it to appear on the school record and certificates for proper documentation.

The duly completed form should be returned to the school and you should provide a valid E-mail address which would be used for official communication from the school to get information about the date for the entrance examination and the minus score requirements to be offered admission into the school.

Please visit the website for information about the current tuition fees and other ancillary fees that you will have to pay after admission.

American international school, Abuja

The American International School of Abuja (AISA) is a private boarding school located in Abuja. It is one of the biggest international boarding schools in Nigeria. The school was founded in the year 1993 and it has two major semesters which begin in August and end in June. It offers admission for kids between the age of 3 through grade 12.

The school does not offer a Nigerian curriculum and it does not write any Nigerian examination because the essence of the school is to give your child the same kind of education you get in America and other developed countries. Currently, the school is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. It is a US college preparatory class and as such, they offer the following courses which make it easier to transition into college in the US.

The school offers the following courses: art, music, theater, PE, IT, French, Spanish, and STEM. English-As-An-Additional-Language (EAL) and limited learning support services are available. Furthermore, extracurricular activities are top-notch as they include; MUN, MathCounts, robotics, student council, and community service options. While the students engage in sporting activities like basketball, soccer, swimming, and volleyball are usually given the chance to participate in the West African International Schools Activities League.

AISA has a total of 189 staff and 30 of them are all U.S. citizens the school has a total of 442 students (Pre-K 3 to grade 12) from 40+ nationalities, 122 have U.S. citizenship, 112 are host country nationals, and 208 are third-country nationals. (Preschool-Grade 5: 202; grades 6-8: 108; grade 9-12:)

AISA has one of the best educational facilities that you can ever imagine since it is managed by the U.S. it has classrooms numbering up to 44, an EAL and LS center, 2 science labs,  one highly sophisticated computer laboratory which is well equipped, a well-stocked library for media center, two music rooms with musical equipment for practice in the music classes, two art rooms for a well defined artistic experience, a multipurpose hall for meetings, 15 administrative offices, a conference room, a clinic, and a school store. The school also has a swimming pool, soccer field, two basketball courts, a tennis court, a running track, and two playgrounds.

Annual tuition fees range from $7,842 to $21,390 and they are paid in dollars depending on the class of your child. Moreso, there is an initial payment of $10,000 which is non-refundable for kindergarten to grade 12. Then all students in the EAL program must pay a compulsory fee of $1,500 (All fees are in USD).


If you are interested in applying for admission into the school you must meet all the requirements for admission it is advised that you go to the website and fix a date for the meeting and you can reach out to the admission office to book the date for the visit.

The documents required are as follows;

  • Copy of Passport Information Page
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Passport-Sized Photograph
  • Immunizations as required on AISA’s Health Form;
  • Report Cards for the last 3 years
  • Official Transcripts for students applying to Grades 10 -12

Visit the website for more details on admission and the required documents for you which would help you in getting you prepared ahead.

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Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja


This is a Roman Catholic school located in Abuja and it is a boarding school. The school was established in the 19th century and it has been soaring high in terms of academic performance of the students, educational facilities, quality education, and well-equipped boarding facilities for comfort and convenience.

The school lost some of its students in the sosoliso airplane crash that happened on 10th December 2005 where they lost 60 students to the tragedy. The school has notwithstanding moved on and they have been excelling educationally.

The age requirement for admission into the school is above 11 years of age. They are very strict and do not admit anyone below that age irrespective of the academic prowess of the child.

Admission Requirements

If you are interested in enrolling in the school then you will have to visit the website and follow the application process there to complete it. You will have to purchase a card where you will find your exam pin. Then always check the website for information about the examination dates in any of the centers close to you and also where you can buy the pin. You can either do it using the USSD code on the website or do it through any of the centers closest to you.

Lead British International School


Lead British international school is another boarding school in Abuja that was established in the year 2007 and recently opened a new one in Ibadan, Oyo state. The school is relatively young compared to the end of achievements it had gained since its inception. The boarding facility is top notch and it only admits 18-20 students per class and up to 4 students per room depending on the size of the room.

LBIS has one of the best educational facilities and a good learning environment to help your child develop faster and learn easily. Some of the facilities are; well-air-conditioned classrooms, a library, science labs ICT classes, a clinic, a football Feld, a table tennis court, and a wide playground for different games.

The school curriculum is a mixture of the Nigerian and British curricula and so the secondary school students are prepared for the following exams; BECE, NECO, WAEC, Checkpoint, and IGCSE.

Application Process

You will have to buy the application form for N10,000 from the front desk and the state will only be sold to parents when your child meets the age requirements as follows;

  • Crèche 0-1 Year of age
  • Topaz 1-2 Years of age
  • Emerald 2-3 Years of age.
  • Diamond 3-4 Years of age
  • Gold 4-5 Years of age

Nigerian Turkish International College


NTIC is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria and it is located in Abuja, although it has various campuses in Lagos, Kaduna, and Ogun states. The School was established in the year 1998 and it has grown to be one of the top boarding schools to be associated with in Nigeria.

The school has a digital smart whiteboard which makes the calculation of mathematics very easy. Additionally, it has a well-equipped classroom, a library with a quality stack of books, a well-equipped science lab, a computer lab, a playfield, and a clinic.

It also brags about having one of the best boarding facilities for the boarders and that is not a lie. They have an environment different from the usual Nigerian boarding school that is usually overcrowded with unfair facilities.

NTIC has two curricula the Nigeria curriculum and the Cambridge International curriculum. This means that it prepares students to sit for the Nigeria exams and also foreign exams which makes it easier to transit to colleges abroad.

Admission Process

The application process begins when you visit any of the branches to purchase the application form for N 15,000. Thereafter, fill out the form and submit it back to the school and wait for more information regarding the current tuition fees and other fees that you have to pay.

Greensprings School


This is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria currently and is located in Lagos state it has different campuses all over Lagos state. It was established in the year 1985. It has become one of the best due to the standard of education and the curriculum it uses.

It runs strictly a British curriculum which prepares students for a school anywhere outside the country. The school adopted the Montessori Method in the Preschool classes; the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) in the Elementary classes and the National British Curriculum which is to make students prepared for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)examination, in Secondary Schools; and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in our Sixth Form.

The school has world-class facilities which include well well-equipped classrooms, a library with a quality stack of books, a well-equipped science lab, a computer lab, a playfield and clinic, cafeteria and they support the E-learning system in the school.

Admission Process:

You will need to go to the website and pay the required N20,000 for the application form and you should make sure that your child meets the age requirement before you make the payment. Thereafter, you should upload the following documents online;

  • 2 recent passport photographs (not more than 6 months old)
  • Candidate’s birth certificate or international passport data page
  • Most recent academic reports from the last 2 years
  • Applicant’s character testimonial from the current school
  • Secondary school transcript – for IB Diploma candidates
  • WAEC or IGCSE result (minimum of 5 credits, including Mathematics and English) – for IB Diploma candidates
  • Immunization record and medical report (after the admission is offered)

Check the website for the tuition fee because it is usually reviewed so that they will give you a comprehensive list of the fees that you will have to pay.

Chrisland College


Chrisland schools are one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria and it was established by High Chief Dr (Mrs) Winifred Awosika (OON) in the year 1977. Hence it is a private day and boarding school, although only the campus at Idimu, Lagos, and the Pre-degree colleges are boarding schools.

The school has branches in other places like Ikeja (Opebi & Ladipo Oluwole), Abuja, Victoria Garden City, Lekki, Festac Town (Amuwo-Odofin), and Idimu.

It boasts of one the best facilities and it has a dual curriculum, the Nigerian and the British curriculum which helps to prepare students both for local and international examinations.

Application process

There are various admission requirements which all depend on one whether you are going into the primary, secondary, or pre-degree classes. So you should visit the official website and then go through the process and fill out the form correctly and pay the application fee.

White Plains British  School


This boarding school was set up in the year 2007 by Nigerians in the diaspora who wanted their children to study in Nigeria yet still have a quality education gotten from developed countries. The school has two major campuses; primary and secondary school campuses located in Abuja.

WBS has both Nigerian and British curricula for their students which help to give them international exposure and it also runs the 3 terms system just like the usual Nigerian schools. If you are looking for a top boarding school in Nigeria where you can enroll your child, then we recommend WBS for the future of your children.

Application Process

You can schedule a visit to the school so that you will get the details of the requirements as we could not locate it on the website of school.

Lekki British International School


Lekki British international school is the first British international school in Lagos state. It is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria if you want your child to have the best local and international education. The curriculum of the school is strictly British and they are; the IGSCE program which is for 5 years if you are interested in going to the University of Cambridge.

Additionally, they also offer Cambridge A- Levels and the pre-university foundation program aimed at getting you prepared for the University.

The school has one of the best facilities when it comes to learning and development. These include; a fully- air-conditioned classroom, a quality library with books, a good playground, a clinic, and a cafeteria. Admission into the school is tough because it only takes 60 students on a first come first serve basis.

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Brookstone Secondary School, Port Harcourt 


BSS has always been a top boarding school located in Igwuruta, Rivers state, Nigeria. It was established in 2006 and it is one of the best boarding schools currently available because your child will learn using the  British and Nigerian curricula.

Furthermore, the students write both international and local exams like the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), National Examinations Council (NECO), International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), and the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), Standard Assessment Task Examination (SAT).

You can visit the website to check more about the admission procedures and requirements including the fees that you need to pay.


Well, education is still the bedrock of a nation and if you give your child the best education, then it is a great investment in their life. If you fancy your child going to the best boarding schools in Nigeria, then you should consider any of the lists above. More so, if you are not satisfied, try and use the factors of measurement to determine if the school you are considering is the best for your child.

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