Best MBA Programs In Chicago for International Students

Best MBA Programs In Chicago for International Students

Best MBA Programs In Chicago for International Students-A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a good choice, especially for those looking forward to boosting their chances of being successful in the business arena. Aside from offering skills to scholars, good experience, and prospects, the MBA degree opens the door to career growth.


The program is also fit for those who want to go all out for business and it allows one to specialize in all of its fields. Those in tech or finance are the ones that usually need it the most.

Nonetheless, MBA programs usually last for two years and are available in part-time, full-time, and online study options. Students are to make a choice depending on what they want and how the program is designed.

Moreover, the overall objective of the master’s degree is to equip scholars with the technical know-how to solve business problems and navigate through their difficulties. However, the choice of where to study MBA also matters.

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If you’re choosing Chicago, then you’ve done well. Chicago is one of the States in the U.S. that has a wide range of prominent financial service providers and is at parity with the likes of San Francisco and New York City.

The city has lots of opportunities for those interested in technology, fintech, insurance, and manufacturing. Given its large population of many financial start-ups, Chicago is a to-go destination for promising business moguls who hunger for practical-oriented business courses

Nevertheless, here is the list of best MBA programs in Chicago…

  1. University of Chicago Booth School of Business
  2. DePaul University Kellstadt Graduate School of Business
  3. the University of Illinois Liautaud Graduate School
  4. Loyola University Chicago Quinlan School of Business
  5. Illinois Institute of Technology Stuart School of Business
  6. Northeastern Illinois University College of Business and Technology
  7. Saint Xavier University Graduate School of Management

Best MBA Programs In Chicago for International Students

7. Saint Xavier University Graduate School of Management

Kicking off our list of best MBA programs in Chicago is the Saint Xavier University Graduate School of Management. The prominent American University offers an MBA program that is practically oriented and tailored for potential industry professionals.

The school adopts a curriculum that teaches the very foundation of business and touches a wide range of subjects including management, finance, and economics. More so, the prestigious MBA academic establishment is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

This criterion is one of the highest in the land of business education and a low of 5% of institutes in the globe have been able to match this. Even so, the school also has a good and well reputable faculty which has been one of its strengths. A tedious and nut-cracking curriculum, as well as prospects for career growth, projects the MBA program.

Many of the tutors have excelled in the business arena and are ready and inclined to help students climb up their ladders of success.

Additionally, the prominent MBA program has several areas of Specialization which are as follows:-

  • Healthcare Management
  • Forensic and Investigative Accounting
  • Financial Fraud Examination
  • Management

Scholars can choose from any of the four and proceed to become a professional.

6. Northeastern Illinois University College of Business and Technology

Coming in next on the list, Northeastern Illinois University College of Business and Technology is one of the best Masters of Business Administration (MBA) programs in Chicago. What gives Northeastern Illinois University a bragging right is its large number of alumni who are spread across many of the nation’s financial institutions serving in one capacity and the other.

There are close to 90,000 graduates of the school that is doing well and the school didn’t create this legacy by a mistake. The school has an MBA program that is flexible hence it is available online, full-time, part-time, and in private. This gives students; especially the working class an option to choose the format that is best for them.

More so, the prominent American education service provider is known to have one of the lowest of all when it comes to MBA students’ debt. Scholars are also privileged to lots of practical possibilities through prominent financial institutions like

the International Business Conference and  Financial Management Association

5. Illinois Institute of Technology Stuart School of Business 

Illinois Institute of Technology Stuart School of Business is one of the best MBA programs in Chicago. The prominent education service provider is one of the tech-savvy institutions in the city thus its quality of education is pretty unique.

The school encourages practical education as scholars are given on-hand training experience. Foundational subjects like marketing, management, and accounting are taught and students are prepared to oversee financial institutions in the global market.

In this school, scholars are trained using the model of one course-at-a-time technique hence they are duly trained and prepared for business challenges ahead. The curriculum adopted is also quite rigorous and this supports a kind of project-based knowledge.

The school is also known for its research opportunities and this is courtesy of its vibrant and well-to-do faculty who have shown tremendous support for the course. Many of the research topics include:

  • Ethics in Automated Financial Markets.
  • Data regulation
  • Work Practices
  • Sustainability
  • Bankruptcy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Product Placement

Even so, the MBA program has many elective courses which include Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IOTs). These are offered to enable students to stay on top of the latest trends in Fintech.

4. Loyola University Chicago Quinlan School of Business 

Coming in among the top four best business schools in Chicago is the Loyola University Chicago Quinlan School of Business. This prestigious American educational establishment has an MBA program that is notoriously competitive and among the most sought-after.

It is also ideal for those seeking to create a stamp of approval for themselves in the area of social impact. The MBA program has rigorous coursework that includes foundational subjects like Management, Marketing, Business ethics, Accounting, Finance, and Economics. The school also makes provision for private classes to boost flexibility and ensure that scholars’ needs are met.

The MBA program is also globally recognized and students are entitled to financial aid of $20,000. This is given as a sign of appreciation as well as encouragement to students for choosing to make an impact in the field.

3. the University of Illinois Liautaud Graduate School

Next on the list of best Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Chicago is the University of Illinois Liautaud Graduate School. This top MBA school is one of the best partly because of its over five (5) decades of experience in the arena of business education.

The school is home to a strong and reliable faculty whose members have been known to be among the forerunner of business advancements around the globe. It is also home to a large population of alumni – of whom the majority are recognized for their immense contribution to the program.

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Even so, programs are available full-time, part-time, and online hence students are given the flexibility of choosing a program that will meet their academic needs.

The scholars at this prestigious Chicago business school also have the chance to partake in study abroad programs in some parts of the world, especially in South America. Through the opportunities, aspiring business experts can meet local business people and learn from them. They also stand to learn from exhibitions and other business programs.

2. DePaul University Kellstadt Graduate School of Business 

Missing the top spot, DePaul University Kellstadt Graduate School of Business is the second-best Master of Business Administration (MBA) program in Chicago. The prestigious MBA program is prominent for having a business education that is characterized by innovation and creativity.

Scholars have the option to choose from 16 areas of specialization and this is rare. The school’s MBA tutors and faculty members are one of the best in the United States and internship opportunities are abundant.

As a result of the strong network and collaboration between scholars and employers, the business school has a high 92% of scholars either employed or advancing their education in the business arena.

1. University of Chicago Booth School of Business 

Beating all others on the list, the crown for the best business school in Chicago goes to the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Through the use of the “Chicago Approach”, the business school has been known to be leading when it comes to graduating business professionals with innovative answers to a majority of business problems.

Furthermore, over 90% of scholars have a very high confident rate that they can tackle any business problem no matter how hard or tedious it may turn out to be. The majority of the school’s graduates are duly employed in many of the country’s prominent financial establishments.

Additionally, the MBA school has campuses on 3 different continents; it is the first to do so in the country.

Careers for Illinois MBA Grads

  • IT Operations Manager
    In this position, MBA graduates may oversee teams responsible for developing and implementing core IT processes to keep the company and running smoothly. This may involve an understanding of workflow processes, customer/vendor communications, and cross-department interaction.
  • Director of Business Development
    This is a marketing position for MBA graduates to develop new customer-building strategies through account management systems. They spend a great deal of time working to build referral modules and may meet occasionally with the administration to discuss issues that center on marketing.
  • Financial Analyst
    Financial analysts guide businesses and individuals to financial success through investment and analysis of current finances. Bachelor’s degree graduates are also often qualified to hold this position, but an online MBA can significantly boost earnings in this field and make it more likely you will be hired when you apply.
  • Sales Manager
    Sales managers lead their teams by providing support and supervision during the sales process. They’re responsible for creating and implementing business strategies to better help their sales team meet their target sales goals.
  • Account Executive
    Account executives can work in many different industries and support their teams by finding and following up on sales leads, handling client support, creating sales strategies, and relaying company value to target customers. Successful account executives are good at matching customers with their ideal products.


This article deals with the best Master of Business Administration (MBA) schools in Chicago.

A Master of Business Administration degree is a prerequisite for careers in business, management, and leadership. The article introduces you to some schools in Chicago that offer affordable MBA programs with tuition costs of less than $20,000.

Let’s hear from you via the comments section.

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