Universities With A High Acceptance Rate In Germany For Foreigners

7 Universities With A High Acceptance Rate In Germany For Foreigners

It is important that you know the acceptance rates of the universities in Germany so you will know your chances of being admitted. Germany has been at the front of technical research recently. German universities are very popular and sought after because they rank very high in the world.  That is why you will see that it is popular among students for various degree programs available in German and English language. Recently, most universities in Germany that give admission are now requiring a high level of competency in the English language.


We have taken out time to conduct research and consequently, we have picked the best 10 universities in Germany with a high acceptance rate that teaches in English and German. Take your time to carefully go through the list and make your choice before you make your application. You could fund yourself or qualify for a scholarship from the German University.

7 Universities With A High Acceptance Rate In Germany

The admission rate of the universities in Germany is approximately 40% or lower. Applications are made to German Universities in order to get a high-quality education at a subsidized rate. Thus, it is not strange to know that a large number of applications are received from foreigners looking to study in Germany every academic session. Hence, the admission rate will be very competitive. This means that your academic performance must be high for you to stand a chance in the universities that has a high admission rate in Germany.

Universität Stuttgart Acceptance Rate 71%

The University of Stuttgart falls on the number one list of the best Germany university with a high acceptance rate. This is a technical university that has always been at the center of industrial research. It was established in the year 1829. The University basically is known for promoting research-based training in different fields such as engineering, natural sciences, humanities, management, economics, and social sciences.

Thus, the University of Stuttgart has gained its place as one of the leading technically oriented universities in Germany where several research programs are done. This university requires IELTS to be eligible for admission.

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